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About Jennie Bayliss

holistic life & business coach | Emotional Healer

I have been blessed with my unusual life. I've lived and worked in 4 different countries. I have twice travelled around the world and have visited many countries. I've had 3 distinct careers, several 'mini' careers, created two companies and sold one of them. I met and married a Japanese man and learnt the challenges of a mixed-race marriage. I was a single Mum from when my children were 5 and 7. And I've taken part in some big sporting events in running and swimming. All of these wonderful experiences means that I have a lot of resources and experiences to help you.


At 16 I almost drove my Career's Advisor crazy for every week I wanted to do something totally different. I had so many interests! Everyone at school tried to convince me I should stay on to do A Levels; but eventually I decided to do OND in Hotel & Catering Management. I loved the diversity of the course and I was particularly interested nutrition. However, after graduating, more than anything I wanted to travel, so I went off to Paris to be a Nanny!

Ten months later, with a reasonable command of French, I began working at Hotel Sofitel de Sevres in Paris. In 1978 I came back to the UK and I worked at the London Hilton on Park Lane, first on the Front Desk, followed by several roles in the accounts department. I also became fascinated with the computers they were installing at the hotel (2 huge mainframes that required a temperature controlled room!) and for awhile I was the assistant DP Manager. In another shift, I moved to become the F&B Analyst with the new Gatwick Airport Hilton. Although my roles with the Hilton were varied, all, in their different ways, gave me a good grounding in finances within business.

In 1983 my husband was given a role at the Jakarta Hilton, so with our 8 week old daughter we flew out to begin what became a 7 year sojourn in the Far East. In Jakarta I became a volunteer with WWF Indonesia. In Singapore I taught children to swim. In Kobe I wrote, self-published and sold "Kids in Kobe" which, indirectly, lead to my next career in graphic design.

We came back to England and in January 1990, I set up Impressions Design – a graphic design business. Although I had very little idea of what I was doing, I knew I had an 'eye' for this work and I 'knew' it was something I needed to do. Several very kind people took me under their wing including a local printer and another designer. In those early years I learnt so much about typography (which later became a passion) design and print, as well as to how to (and how not to!) run a small business.

In 2002 I reached a point where I knew I needed to change again. I had created a good business with 4 employees. We created and produced a wide range of different promotional materials both in print and latterly on the web, of which I was very proud, but for me it was time to move on. At the end of 2002 I sold my business to another design agency.

Becoming a Life & Business Coach

I trained to become a Life & Business Coach with CoachU in 2003 and graduated at the end of 2005 by which time I had a full practice with 25 clients.

In 2008 I had, at one time, 36 one-to-one clients. This is was pushing the boundaries (most Life Coaches work with between 10–20 clients), but none-the-less it was a fruitful time with great client feedback and also invaluable for me experiencing a wide range of different issues and coaching challenges.

In 2009, a long held dream became a reality with the purchase of The Jasmine House. I transformed this lovely, large house so it could be not only my home, but also a place where people could come to for time-out, healing and understanding. The story of The Jasmine House is full of synchronicity and surprises. To read about it, please see my TIPS blog: How I made my dream come true.

As well as my training to become a coach I have continued my studies in personal development. I have done numerous courses and have attended many talks, workshops and seminars with the leading teachers in their respective fields in: EFT, Journey Therapy, Intuition Mastery and Accelerated Enlightenment.

My passion for healthy food, health and emotional are now being woven together in EATWELL.BEWELL. I am excited to find out how this will grow and 'flavour' all of the other things that I do.