Emotional Freedom Technique


eft – emotional freedom technique

releasing emotions that are holding your back

Emotional Freedom Technique, more frequently known as EFT, is a powerful healing process that combines the ancient wisdom of meridian energy—as used in acupuncture—with modern psychology. EFT involves tapping on meridian points with your finger tips whilst saying out loud a 'recipe' of words chosen to help you release emotions. EFT is very easy to learn and to practice, and yet it is very powerful.

EFT can be used to help people in so many ways. The following are just a few of the emotionally painful hurts that I help people resolve.

  • Pain and trauma relating to unresolved childhood abuse

  • Relationships that have ended painfully including messy divorces

  • Lack of confidence and feelings of not being good enough

  • Fears and phobias

  • Emotional eating and weight loss (see my eft-for-weight-loss page)

EFT TApping on the meridian points

eft tapping pointsStimulating particular meridian points whilst verbally acknowledging and accepting things about yourself that you don't like, helps you release these emotions so that you can see the true beauty of your precious soul. EFT works by changing the connections you have in your neural pathways, allowing for you to see other possibilities and other view points. If you wish to read more about the science of how EFT works, I highly recommend Nick Ortner's book, "The Tapping Solution".

The key tapping points for EFT are shown above. The words to say whilst tapping are known as 'recipes'. With a little practice, these recipes are easy to create for yourself. The beauty of EFT is it's ease and also that the very worst that can happen, is nothing. Even getting a few of the words right, can begin to change things for you. As well as helping you go through the EFT process, I will teach you how to do it for yourself, so that after our time together is complete, you will be able to continue with this work by yourself.

EFT Healing at The Jasmine House on Portland

The Jasmine HouseI offer EFT healing sessions at The Jasmine House on Portland, Dorset. I recognise that for many people, I am too far off the beaten track, AND yet I also know there are lots of people who live in Dorset who can travel to see me. If travelling to see me is too far for you, please consider a 2—4 night personal retreat at The Jasmine House, where much of the healing I do, includes EFT. Please see my website www.thejasminehouse.co.uk for more information.

HOW MUCH DOES eft healing cost?

My EFT Healing includes 6 hours with me, in 3 x 2-hour sessions which are taken every fortnight. In some instances, these sessions may be taken weekly, but I find a 2-week gap allows time for things to 'settle' for you. A 6-week period is allows you to make huge, yet manageable changes to your life. I will also provide you with written instructions on how to do a basic recipe including one personalised recipe for you to work on.

The cost for the 6 hours is £450. This can be paid online, or via bank transfer or by cheque.


To book EFT Healing with me, please call me on 01869 821799 or email me so we can have a chat about your specific needs for EFT Healing and so I may answer all of your queries and questions.