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For the last 10 years I have written monthly articles which were sent out as TIPS E-zine - like the example above. These articles then went on to appear on this page.

I am currently writing a book with the working title of "Peace & Purpose: 28 Life Lessons To Help You Find Yours" and such I'm editing, rewriting and creating new lessons based on many of the articles originally sent out as TIPS. So, until early 2015, TIPS E-zine is on hold. In the meantime, I hope you will find answers, inspiration and ideas in the ones that currently appear here.

Thank you.

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Life Coaching & Healing Articles Written by Jennie


Living in the NOW

How much time do you spend in either the past or future? Are you thinking about what happened last night? Or planning what to over the holidays? What are you perhaps missing right now?
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