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Personal Retreats at The Jasmine House

Personal retreats

one-to-one personal retreats at the jasmine house

I offer people the opportunity to come on a retreat at my home, The Jasmine House, on the beautiful Isle of Portland in Dorset. I offer several different kinds of personal retreats to suit different people's needs, but they are unusual in that they are individual and not for groups. In this way each retreat is tailored to the needs of the person (couple or friends) coming.

Chesil BeachThe Jasmine House is in situated in the heart of the small village of Fortuneswell, overlooking the famous Chesil Beach. This photo is the view from the Sky Room, where my guests do their healing. Built in the 1850s, with large Georgian windows, the house is full of natural light and there is a wonderful peaceful energy too, making it an ideal place to 'step off the world' for a while to reassess, rebalance and release any emotional pain.

The reasons for coming on a personal retreat are many and varied. It may be a niggling doubt about your life that you wish to explore, or that you feel stressed-out, overwhelmed and exhausted, or that you are feeling lost and hurt, or that your heart is breaking from divorce or difficult break-up with a long-term partner.

Following are links the most popular retreats that I host at The Jasmine House:

emotional healing, EFT & Life Coaching

I don't have a specific formula or just one technique to help people. Each person is unique and if their precious soul troubled then my role is to them untangle their life's knots, to act as a mirror, to use my myriad of tools and techniques to help them let go, find their way, be stronger and feel better again. My main tools are Life Coaching, EFT and Emotional Healing.

Where is Portland?

Portland is a tied island, just over 4 miles long and less than 2 miles wide, and is connected to Weymouth by Chesil Beach and a man-made causeway. Portland is more-or-less mid-way between between Bournmouth and Exeter. Weymouth's train station is just over 5 miles away: there is an excellent train service from Waterloo and Bristol.

Please visit The Jasmine House website where you can find more information on the different Personal Retreats as well as watch a video tour of The Jasmine House and see the available dates for a retreat.